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November 26th 2020 8:30am AEDT
TRASH INTO TREASURE: The Power of Intrapreneurship
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Food waste impacts our businesses operations in more ways than one. It impacts our budgets, increases our costs and affects our sustainability goals. The market is changing, consumers are becoming more aware of this issue and are demanding more from their favourite brands.
So where do we go from here?
Join Yume & Suez on this free webinar series to get an overview of the latest national and international trends, case studies and tools that will allow you to bring new ideas to your organisation and tackle the food waste problem.
Episode 3: The Spelling Mistake That Will Save Your Company
Presented by Tim Heard (Co-Founder "Circle of Intrapreneurs" | Leading Intrapreneurship at Barclays Ventures)
Want to use your career to make the world better? In this webinar, Tim Heard will walk you through how businesses can nurture and harness the power of intrapreneurship to adapt, disrupt and not only prepare for the future, but make an impact on it. Tim brings a wealth of intrapreneurship experience and will share insights into the challenges, victories and everything in between he’s encountered along the way.
  1. The business case for intrapreneurship and social intrapreneurship
  2. The benefits of embracing a do-well-do-good business model
  3. Why companies need successful intrapreneurial leadership to even stand still, let alone grow effectively
Tim Heard
Selected by the UN as one of the top global leaders on the topic of sustainable innovation, Tim is passionate about helping established companies develop and nurture "in-house" entrepreneurs so that they can innovate more like a start-up, respond to disruption and impact society more effectively.
Tim is an experienced intrapreneur, and social intrapreneur, in his own right, who now finds himself as a globally recognised speaker, lecturer, author, and theorist on the topic of intrapreneurship; using his own experiences to help others and now leads Intrapreneurship at Barclays Ventures.
Because of this passion for social intrapreneurship Tim co-founded the Circle of Intrapreneurs; now the world’s largest network of intrapreneurs – which grew from a LinkedIn group to a global movement within 3 years. Tim is also honoured to have been selected as a One Young World Ambassador on 4 occasions; the world’s leading forum for young leaders and has recently completed his masters in social innovation at Cambridge University. Tim is a guest lecturer on both the Cambridge and CASS MBA courses.
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Background photo by Duncan Kidd on Unsplash