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Case studies

Restaurant – A Tasty Tail

A boutique venue in regional Victoria was sourcing suppliers for a catered event in early 2017. While browsing the Yume platform, the hotel was surprised to find high quality Tequesta Bay lobster tails at a much lower price than expected.

The reason? After over-ordering the lobster tails, the supplier didn’t have room in the warehouse to keep their stock, so they uploaded the surplus product to Yume. A match was made and the venue was able to serve up delicious lobster sliders – a premium dish that would normally be out of their price range.

Exporter – Catch Of The Day

After completing a stock take, a Supplier found they had eight tonnes of Petuna salmon portions (skin on) left over from the Christmas season. They contacted Yume with a request to upload their surplus salmon to our platform and we listed the product at 25% below regular price.

Within just one week, the salmon was sold for export. Not only did the supplier receive a return on their surplus produce, but we also provided an environmental report, explaining that they had helped to save 16 tonnes of CO2 and 500,000 litres of water.

Caterer – Game, Set & Match

At the beginning of 2017, a supplier approached us with surplus Noisette brioche buns that they had acquired due to minimum order quantity commitments. We uploaded the buns to our platform at 85% below the regular wholesale price.

Unsurprisingly, we quickly secured a buyer – one of Australia’s largest catering companies – who purchased over 500 units and used the product to cater at one of Melbourne’s most renowned sporting events, The Australian Open.