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How Yume Food works

A supplier has surplus food

There are many reasons why stock may be considered surplus. For example, a supplier may have a cancelled or incorrect order, no space for new stock or a product might be close to code. This can leave primary producers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers with tonnes of surplus food and a lack of time or the contacts to re-sell it.

The suppliers' surplus food products are added to the online platform

Suppliers provide product details and information which is uploaded to the marketplace and made available to a growing network of buyers.

A buyer can choose from many available products at discounted prices

Buyers can sort products by category, price, best before date, deal size, and even receive notifications about new products that have been added to the platform. Products are sold at a minimum of 20% below regular wholesale prices.

A sale is made

Yume Food facilitates a seamless transaction between the buyer and supplier.

Delivery arrangements are made

Yume Food helps to arrange the delivery of goods between the buyer and supplier at a time that is convenient for both parties.

Remaining unsold food can be donated to a food rescue organisation

Yume Food can facilitate donations to a growing network of registered food rescue organisations, helping ensure edible food gets to the people who need it most.

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Why use Yume Food ?
It’s better for your business
For buyers, Yume Food helps reduce costs of goods on a regular basis by offering discounted quality products (at a minimum of 20% below regular wholesale prices).
For suppliers, we help increase sales by selling quality produce that might otherwise have gone to landfill.
It’s better for the planet
Each year, 4.1 million tonnes of quality food is discarded by the Australian commercial food sector, and it’s estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 tonnes of quality, edible food could be rescued.
By using Yume Food, you’re becoming part of the solution, generating a measurable positive impact on the environment.
It’s good for the community
Yume Food’s no-waste mission ensures that any produce that isn’t sold on the platform can be offered for donation to one of our food partner charities around Australia. These include OzHarvest, and SecondBite.