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About Yume

The Yume story

Yume’s mission is to create a world without waste by facilitating the sale and donation of surplus food that may have otherwise been discarded.

Yume was founded in 2014 by food rescue veteran, Katy Barfield, after witnessing the amount of food that’s wasted in the commercial food sector.

The existing food supply framework in Australia means that 9.5 million tonnes of food is discarded each year; 3.9 million tonnes of which is from the commercial food sector. It’s estimated that between 400,000 and 600,000 tonnes of that food is accessible, edible, quality food and could not just be rescued, but used, eaten and enjoyed.

And it’s not just about the food. More than a quarter of the water we use globally goes to grow the 1.3 trillion kilograms of food that no one will ever eat. Plus, our planet simply can’t absorb the huge amounts of methane produced by fresh food in landfill as it breaks down.

Yume is the answer to this broken system.
Yume’s online marketplace allows suppliers and buyers to connect with each other and ensure that edible food doesn’t end up in landfill. The products are priced at least 20% below wholesale price so our buyers and suppliers are doing good for their business and the environment.
With the food we’re saving from landfill, our estimated environmental impact over the next five years will equate to:
cars off the road
refrigerators running
people’s individual domestic water usage
With the population set to reach 9.7 billion in 2050, something needs to be done in order to ensure our food system can feed everyone and not have such a devastating impact on the environment.
That something is Yume.
The Team
Katy Barfield
Katy is a food rescue veteran with more than a decade’s experience. As the founding CEO of SecondBite, she led the organisation through exponential growth, turning a handful of volunteers into a national not-for-profit organisation. With her in charge, SecondBite distributed millions of kilos of fresh surplus food to over 1200 community food programs nationwide.
Determined to find a way to dramatically reduce the 3.9 million tonnes of food going to waste in the commercial food sector each year Katy created Yume, Australia's first surplus food marketplace in 2014. In 2017, Katy was awarded the Telstra Business Women Victorian For Purpose and Social Enterprise Award.
If she could have an endless supply of only one food group (without the waste), it would be cheese (and wine).
Ros Aikman
Head of Finance
Ros is Yume’s Green Bean Counter and a strategic finance manager (CPA qualified) with a wealth of project experience across; M&A transactions, cost reduction, system implementations and process improvement acquired internationally at blue chip multinationals BHP Billiton, Shell, Deloitte. Ros is an adaptable leader with astute financial acumen and a proven track record to connect beyond the finance function by partnering with stakeholders and leading teams through change and complexity.
Ros once admitted to having a phobia to touching animals but that all changed when she met her adopted pup (and the world’s best office dog), Juno!
Camila Cantoli
National Business Development Manager
After eight years of working in the corporate world, across two different continents, Camila decided it was time to move to an organisation that would bring measurable results to the world. Camila’s experience in international campaigns and business development projects both in Australia and South America has given her a broad understanding of what it takes to build a successful business. Camila leads the Business Development team and works on the buyer side of the marketplace.
When she's got a day off away from her desk, you can find Cami floating in a pool, enjoying a glass of Malbec.
Amy Pagett
Supplier Manager
Amy works on the supply side of the marketplace and ensures that she is always looking for the best deals to bring to the platform for our buyers to purchase. She works with manufacturers and primary producers across Australia, introducing them to the Yume platform and helping to prevent their quality surplus products from going to waste.
With a Masters in Sustainability and a background at HelloFresh and delicious. Magazine, she’s the office food guru. Always assembling weird and wonderful lunches from mostly from veg that's salvaged from the fridge crisper!
Megan Claxton
Account Coordinator
Meg is our resident Kiwi and ensures that everything runs smoothly at Yume, from invoices to logistics, product uploads and order processing. She takes care of our buyers’ orders and coordinates the logistics of moving the surplus product from buyer to supplier.
If Meg could be any animal she would be a domestic cat. Fiercely independent, usually very friendly (with a touch of sass) with an ideal lifestyle of alternating between sleeping and eating.
Paul Grimes
Chief Technology Officer
Immersed in web application development and software for almost 20 years, Paul specialises in massively scalable web-based platforms. Spending the past few years in the fast-moving retail customer loyalty, rewards and gamification space, Paul has run teams that build and extend business-critical digital infrastructure (websites / apps / APIs) that continue to be used by millions of people daily. If you have interacted with any high-street retail rewards program in Australia, it’s likely you’ve interacted with one of his systems.
At Yume, Paul works with the wider team to develop the platform’s technical roadmap.
What they say about us
"As part of our Better Tomorrow 2025 corporate responsibility commitment, we are passionate about raising the quality of life for all. We are proud to partner with Yume to support us in achieving this goal and minimise our collective waste to improve our environmental impact."
"Yume has helped us facilitate the sale of surplus into otherwise untapped markets. We’ve been able to move stock quickly and consistently. We always turn to Yume when we have surplus!"
Western Plains Pork
"At Colonial Leisure Group we’re dedicated to sourcing ethical and sustainable products for our diverse array of venues. We use the Yume platform as it allows us to source high-quality products while also allowing us to contribute to the reduction of food waste."
Colonial Leisure Group
"At Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, we pride ourselves on serving our event attendees the freshest seasonal produce available. When we purchase produce from Yume, we know we’re getting a top quality product, while also minimising our environmental impact."
Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre