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SUEZ and Yume join forces to combat commercial food waste
SUEZ and Yume have announced a strategic partnership in fighting the 4.1 million tonnes of food that goes to waste in the commercial industry. Together, we now provide a full-service solution. Yume, the leading online marketplace for surplus food, is focused on delivering solutions for the top two stages of the food waste hierarchy: avoiding and reusing. SUEZ, an industry leader with a national infrastructure network and capabilities to match, is focused on recycling, energy recovery, treatment and disposal.
"We need to start taking responsibility for all the waste we produce, and we can achieve this by joining forces to speed up the development of more advanced approaches to recycling in Australia."
- Mark Venhoek, CEO of SUEZ Australia and New Zealand.
Kellogg’s first manufacturer to take The Yume Pledge
Kellogg’s Australia is proud to announce that they are taking The Yume Pledge. With this, Kellogg’s pledges to list their surplus raw materials, which become available during the manufacturing process, exclusively on the Yume platform. As the first Australian manufacturer to take Yume Pledge, Kellogg's is ensuring to continue finding innovative ways to help reduce food waste in Australia.
"Thanks to Yume, Kellogg’s can continue to focus on creating high-quality breakfast products we all know and love, while Yume can focus on finding a new home for our surplus ingredients."
- Tamara Howe, Director of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, at Kellogg’s Australia and New Zealand
Sodexo takes The Yume Pledge to prevent 50 tonnes of food waste
Sodexo, a world leader in Quality of Life services, has pledged to buy 50 tonnes of surplus food through the Yume marketplace over the next six months, thereby preventing it from going to waste. By taking the pledge, Sodexo is the first corporate buyer to announce a tangible pledge of future food purchases.
Sodexo, an earlier adopter and partner of Yume’s vision in 2018, has already purchased 50 tonnes of food in the last quarter, showing that the company is capable of buying at least 100 tonnes of surplus food within a year. With these purchases, Sodexo will save 3,450,000 litres of water and prevent 100,000 kilograms of CO2 emissions from going to waste.
"We are proud to be the forerunners in making a pledge to reduce food waste through our partnership with Yume. By making this pledge, we hope to inspire other Australian companies to join the fight against food waste."
- Mark Chalmers, CFO and Country President of Sodexo Australia