We get a lot of questions about how Yume works and how to get on board. We’ve answered many of them below but if you still can’t find the answer you’re looking for, send us an email at

  • How does Yume work?

    Yume is a wholesale online marketplace that allows food suppliers (primary producers, distributors, manufacturers and wholesalers) to upload surplus produce to the platform for buyers (hotel and pub groups and catering companies) to purchase. This means that large amounts of quality food aren’t thrown away, but are instead re-purposed, sold, eaten and enjoyed around Australia.

    Any food that isn’t sold on the platform can be offered for donation to one of our partner food rescue organisations around Australia.

  • Who can use Yume? Who can be a supplier? Who can be a buyer?

    Anyone in the food industry who has all the necessary food safety certification (HACCP for suppliers) can use Yume. Suppliers might include primary producers, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers while buyers could be cafés and restaurants, caterers, hotels, pubs or anyone with a commercial kitchen.

  • Why should I sign up as a buyer?

    Yume is good for your business and for the planet. When you buy through Yume, you can access a wide variety of quality produce at a heavily discounted rate (between 20% and 80% off the usual wholesale price) while also creating a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

  • Why should I sign up as a supplier?

    Yume can help you sell surplus or slow moving stock that might otherwise go to waste. All you have to do is upload it to our website and we’ll promote it to our large pool of buyers, leaving your sales force free to sell full price products.

    Selling through Yume is also a great opportunity to build relationships with new buyers, which can lead to future sales of full price produce. Using Yume will help your business’ bottom line while also helping the environment.

  • Can I be registered as both buyer and a supplier?

    Yes, we love it when our customers use Yume to buy and sell.

  • I want to start using Yume now! What should I do?

    Just click here to become a buyer or here to become a supplier.

  • What is considered surplus stock?

    Stock is considered surplus for a range of reasons. For example, the supplier may have over-ordered stock based on previous forecasts, customers might cancel large consignments, stock might be close to its use by date, or suppliers might need to clear their freezer storage space for new stock. We require all suppliers to advise the reason their stock is considered surplus when they upload the product to the site.

  • How do I know where the products are coming from?

    The quality of the products we sell is one of our biggest priorities. That’s why we only work with premium brands around Australia. Most of the products we offer are branded so you will know exactly where they’ve come from. Any unbranded products are simply white labelled, meaning the supplier has requested not to be identified. Every product has a detailed description of its origin and processing, with specifications and certificates of origin available upon request.

  • Once I have bought/sold a product how do I arrange payment?

    Yume will send an invoice to the buyer once the order is placed. Payment is then made immediately via EFT or credit card (Mastercard or Visa).

  • Once I have bought/sold a product, how do I arrange shipping?

    We help to arrange the delivery of goods between the buyer and supplier. Basic delivery details are outlined in the details of every product, so you can tell exactly where the product can be delivered. When placing your order, please make sure to note your requirements for delivery so the supplier can confirm that delivery can be made within your requested time frame.

  • How do I know that the products have food safety certification?

    We can confirm that all our suppliers are HACCP certified, meaning they carry a high level of food safety.

  • Will product ever be past its use-by date on Yume?

    No, but, as long as manufacturer’s warranty is given, we can arrange for product passed its best before (not past its use-by) date to be donated to one of the food rescue organisations.

  • What happened to the Yume app?

    We’re dedicated to making the wholesale platform as good as it can be, so right now, that’s our focus. The Yume App for consumers is next on our list and will be back soon. To stay up to date with what’s happening and what’s next, sign up to our newsletter.

  • I don’t work in the food industry, but I still want to help. What can I do?

    There are lots of things you can do at home to reduce food waste. Follow us on Facebook for tips and information about food and sustainability.

  • What happens to the food that isn’t sold on Yume?

    We believe that all food deserves to be eaten. So when our suppliers can’t find a buyer, we encourage food donations to registered food rescue organisations. Find out more about how our donations work here.

  • How does Yume interact with the existing food rescue organisations?

    We have an ongoing relationship with all the main food rescue organisations in Australia. We work alongside these organisations to help increase the amount of donations given.