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Yume Food Developer Program

Interact with the Yume Food platform in real-time using connected apps built by your developers.

The Yume Food Developer Program enables companies and developers to interact with the Yume Food Platform at a deeper level than is available to normal users. You can quickly embed your company into the Yume Food ecosystem by building an integration right to the heart of our platform.
Buyers: access Yume Food deals in real time
As a buyer, you need access to the best deals as soon as possible. Waiting on an email or phone call from the Yume Food team places you at a disadvantage in the market; knowing about the latest and best deals is paramount.
Integrate to the Yume Food platform, and your systems can receive up-to-the-second info on deals, and also place orders & offers without the hassle of speaking to a boring ol' human being.
Suppliers: create Yume Food deals and move your surplus
As a supplier or manufacturer, you might have tonnes of surplus food, an ERP system and a website, but no staff or network to actually get the stock moved.
Set your systems to automatically place stock onto the Yume Food platform using our API, and open a brand new market for your surplus, as well a brand new automated sales channel for your company.